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15″ of Power and Portability Perfection: Apple MacBook Air Unboxing and Review

macbook air 15 back to back

They come in 15 inches? I’m getting one!

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I was giddy as could be when I heard our shipment of MacBook Air 15” arrived from Apple. Everyone at Express Tech had all been looking forward to this day for months, and after WWDC23 confirmed all the hardware and software updates to look forward to, the day couldn’t come soon enough.

This was my first time unboxing a MacBook, and it was even more *wow* than I could have imagined. Everything Apple looks and feels elevated, and nothing about the packaging or notebook disappointed.

Judging a Book by Its Cover

close-up of macbook air 15 display

I could feel Apple’s touch of luxury off the bat, simply from the feel of their signature rigid box packaging: sleek & uncluttered design, mirroring the sophistication of the product within; soft matte cardboard with tabs that effortlessly pull, finished with a smooth separation of the lid and base pieces; the slight delay in separation only elevating our excitement.

Then the unwrapping: hefty (non-plastic, responsibly sourced) fiber wrapped perfectly snug around the device, finally revealing the 15” star(light) of the show.

What’s in the Box

Adorned in a celebratory champagne color, the Starlight color is my personal preferred pick. It’s not too yellow, nor too gold, but shines in a soft, non-flashy way. And with a matching Magsafe USB-C charger, it’s the perfect classy pair.

The tiny power adapter is ultra portable and practical, housing two built-in USB-C ports with fold-in prongs, enhancing the convenience of the beloved MacBook Air.

Finally, you have the standard user guide. Tbh, I really only wanted to open it for the color-matched stickers since I love the adventure of a self-guided walkthrough. (It looks great on my water bottle.)

Outside of the Box

macbook air 15 vs 13
Pictured: Apple MacBook Pro M2 15” (left) & Apple MacBook Pro M2 13” (right)

I use a 13” MacBook Pro for work and have never had any qualms with the screen size, but when I took that 15” MacBook Air out of the box I definitely noticed the 2” difference. Just… wow. Then that friendly “hello” screen saver greeted me in 34 different languages. Apple knows how to make you feel at home.

Then I opened that beauty up and out came the sound. Ya know, the sound. The signature Apple “New Mac” sound. And it instantly put a smile on my face. Like other model Airs, the 15 inch doesn’t have speaker grills; instead the speakers are built into the hinge of the top and base, bouncing the sound back to the user. Creative and effective design.

Moving to the base of the device, we notice a larger trackpad offering more convenience for non-mouse users.

Despite utilizing a larger battery to offer the same 18 hours of battery life as the 13” Air, this sleek electronic art piece is the same thickness as its smaller predecessor, and weighs nearly the same. I have small arms and hands, but this beauty is super compact and easy to maneuver.

Final Thoughts

multiple macbook air 15 different colors
Credit: Apple

Apple knows how to create a complete sensory experience while eliciting anticipation and excitement with all of their products, and the new MacBook Air 15” is no exception.

You get the superfast M2 chip, impressive battery life, and ultra lightweight design in the world’s thinnest 15” laptop, for a super awesome price point. Plus, if you’re not as in love with the Starlight color choice as I am, they have 3 other stunning colors to choose from.

We have these in-stock at all of our locations, so you can get yours *today* (just sayin’)!


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