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Express Tech specializes in a wide variety of repair services for the latest Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models. From cracked screens and dead batteries to software glitches and much more, you can rely on the skilled technicians at our Apple Certified stores to get your Apple warranty repair done quickly and properly.

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battery issues
Dead Batteries

From dead batteries to charging issues, Express Tech has you covered.

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Display Issues

We fix all of the most common display issues, including cracked screens.

water damage
Water Damage

Did your phone go for a dip? No problem! We fix most liquid damaged devices.

audio issues
Audio Issues

From muffled audio to broken speakers, we fix audio issues of all kinds.

What to Expect When You Visit Express Tech

Broken iPhone?

If you have a broken iPhone, there’s no better team to turn to than Express Tech. As a Premier Apple Partner, we carry genuine Apple parts and can often accommodate same-day service for broken screens, cameras, receivers, speakers, vibe motors, and battery issues.

For other repairs, we may need to mail in your device to Apple or process a whole unit replacement. If mail-in service is required and your iPhone issue is covered by a warranty, loaner phones are available.

All Apple replacement parts and replacement devices come with a 90-day warranty or the remainder of your existing warranty.

In many cases, we are able to resolve iPhone issues with software updates, so be sure to backup your device before visiting!

Broken Mac?

If you have a broken Mac, Express Tech is here to help. When you arrive at one of our stores, a trained technician will run diagnostics. Once we’ve determined what’s wrong with your device, we will provide you with pricing for any necessary parts to complete the repair. In most cases, parts must be ordered to complete the repair. Parts come with a 90-day warranty or are backed by the remainder of your existing warranty (whichever is longer).

If your computer is out-of-warranty, repairs for hardware replacement and software issues will be billed at an hourly rate.

Broken iPad, Apple Watch, iPod, Apple TV, AirPods, or HomePod?

In many cases, we are able to resolve issues with software updates, so please back up your device prior to visiting. When you’re facing more complex software issues or hardware damage, you can expect us to replace your device with a device of the same model. The replacement device will come with a 90-day warranty or what’s left of your existing warranty (whichever is longer). Whole unit replacement devices must be ordered and, oftentimes, Apple requires that the original device be mailed to them first.

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What is Covered by Apple?

How do I know my coverage status?

To check your Apple warranty status and review support eligibility, visit and enter your device serial number. To locate your serial number on a Mac, select the Apple menu  > About This Mac. On an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, you can find your serial number under Settings > General > About.

What is covered by my Apple Limited Warranty?

  • Warranty hardware replacement
  • Products covered by Apple service programs
  • Labor for part installs and diagnostics on covered hardware repairs
  • Products covered by AppleCare+ (incident fees may apply)

What is covered by AppleCare+?

  • Warranty hardware replacement
  • Products covered by the Apple service programs
  • Labor associated with covered diagnostic and hardware repairs
  • Products covered by AppleCare+ (incident fees may apply)

What is not covered?

  • Software repair, troubleshooting, or installation
  • Hardware replacement or labor due to accidental damage
  • Out of warranty part service or replacement
  • Data backup and recovery

How Should I Prepare My Device for Service?

  • Back up your data: Whether your device is fixed in-store or it is mailed out to Apple, it’s always smart to protect your data with a backup. For privacy concerns, Apple will wipe any device sent to its facility. Our technicians cannot take a backup for you; however, Apple iCloud backup services are available for most devices.
  • Disable Find My iPhone (iPad/iPod): If your device needs to be mailed to Apple for service or replacement, this feature must be disabled.
  • Know Your Apple ID and Password: Some repairs and software updates require an Apple ID or password on the device. Please know yours prior to visiting.
  • Remember Your Passcode: To run diagnostics and test repairs, we will need your device passcode.
  • Contact a Carrier for Cellular Issues: If you’re experiencing cellular service issues on an iPad or iPhone, please contact your carrier and try a new SIM card before visiting.
  • Schedule an Appointment for Convenience: While we don’t require appointments, Apple does offer an Appointment Scheduler to ensure a technician is available to assist you upon arrival. Scheduling an appointment online does NOT guarantee part availability. Apple’s Appointment Scheduler can be accessed at
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