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Maximizing Value: The Ultimate Guide on What to do With Your Old Tech

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It’s easy to keep hanging onto our run-down tech gadgets until they’re on their last leg (or wire), and continue keeping them in the corner of that one closet until the dust piles up more than we’d like to admit. But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably aching to cross that off your to-do list — it’s just knowing what the heck to do with it. If the release of the M3 Chip in the latest iMacs and MacBook Pros isn’t enough for you to do away with the outdated stuff, we have something that might.

Instant Savings: ExpressTrade Trade-In Program

It literally pays when you trade-in to trade-up with Express Tech’s trade-in program. ExpressTrade makes upgrading your old Apple devices easy. As an Apple Premier Partner, our team of Apple certified technicians are ready to help you migrate your data to something new and will securely wipe your data off your old tech. Simultaneously do away with the old, while instantly saving on the new. This not only minimizes the financial burden of upgrading, but also ensures that your old Apple products find a new home (responsibly).

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When is the Best Time to Trade In?

Want to always be on the cutting edge of new technology while minimizing your out of pocket costs to purchase? Here are the ideal times to trade in to retain the most value on your hardware:

  • Maximum Mac trade value window: 18 — 24 months
  • Maximum iPad and iPhone trade value window: 18 months
  • Maximum Apple Watch trade value window: 12 months

Learn more about the best time to trade in your Apple devices, the ExpressTrade trade-in program, and how to prepare for trading in!

Tax Savings: Pay Less for More

Because your brand new or previously loved upgrade is instantly discounted when you trade-in with ExpressTrade, so is the amount you pay for sale’s tax! Smaller bill = less taxable total = tax savings. We’re all about saving where you can!

Peace of Mind: Secure Data Wiping Services

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Before parting ways with your old Apple device, it’s crucial to ensure that your personal data is securely wiped. Express Tech offers professional data wiping services, guaranteeing the removal of sensitive information and safeguarding your privacy, giving you peace of mind knowing your data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Express Tech’s secure data transfer service is perfect if your device is still in working condition and you’re looking to give it to a friend or family member, but you’re in need of an upgrade (like a new M3 Mac!)

Avoid Headaches: Sell Directly

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For those looking to recoup some cash from their old devices, selling is an option. However, selling privately comes with its own set of challenges, such as understanding what information you need to include in your listing, setting the price, dealing with potential buyers, negotiating prices, and fighting off scammers to ensure a safe transaction. As an Apple Premier Partner, Express Tech simplifies this process by offering seamless and hassle-free trade-in and resale services, saving you the headaches of private selling.

Sustainable: Recycle for the Future

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If your old Apple tech has reached the end of its usable life and doesn’t have any trade-in value, recycling is the perfect option. By recycling with Express Tech, you support responsible recycling and environmentally friendly practices while reducing electronic waste and promoting a sustainable future for our planet. Switching from a PC to a Mac and not sure what to do with your old computer? We can help recycle that too!

How much does tech recycling cost?

Express Tech typically charges $20/unit to recycle your old tech, but if you mention this blog post to your local Express Tech Expert, we’ll offer free recycling for up to 3 devices per household when you spend $50 or more!*

Convenient: One-Stop Solution

We mean it when we say we’re your one-stop Apple shop for all things Apple! As a local Apple Premier Partner, we make a seamless and convenient experience our top priority.

We value being a part of the entire Apple device lifecycle and appreciate that our customers choose us to ride that ride with them! From seasoned Apple fans looking to recycle or trade in their old stuff for the latest tech, to first-time buyers looking to upgrade their technology experience, we enjoy and take pride in the streamlined services we offer for our local Apple community.

Wrapping up What to do With Your Old Tech

close-up of technology inside of storeWith the help of your local Apple Premier Partner, Express Tech, finding what to do with your old tech (responsibly) becomes a smooth and rewarding experience.

Whether it’s trading-in for credit towards an upgrade and saving on taxes, selling to us directly to avoid the headache of private selling, utilizing our secure data wiping or eco-friendly recycling services, or the simple convenience of a one-stop Apple experience, the Apple experts at Express Tech have you covered.

Upgrade your tech with confidence, knowing that you’re making a positive impact on both your wallet and the environment.

*See an Expert for additional details.



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