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What Does it Mean to be an Apple Authorized Service Provider?

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Apple designed the Authorized Service Provider (AASP) program for companies offering authorized in- and out-of-warranty repair services for Apple products. After undergoing the approval process, these qualifying companies acquire access to genuine Apple parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostic, and resources to perform these services. Express Tech has the privilege of bearing the Apple Authorized Service Provider mark.

Is an Apple Authorized Service Provider better than the Apple store?

AASPs, like Express Tech, provide you with the same white-glove experience and expertise as the Apple Store, without the chaos of crowds and long lines. Most AASP’s offer same-day appointments, walk-in support and even are referred to customers by AppleCare.

How do I claim service or support with my AppleCare+ Protection Plan?

How do you know if you have AppleCare+ coverage on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or other devices? How do you show proof of coverage for service? The good news is that Apple makes it as simple as possible by linking your AppleCare+ coverage plan to the serial number of your device. This means that no matter where you take it for service, the Apple Authorized Service Provider (like Express Tech) can verify your coverage and handle your repair. Here are a few useful links to get you on your way to a schedule a repair.

  1. Contact us with information about your device and AppleCare+ service claim
  2. Find a location near you to call or visit us to claim AppleCare+ on your covered device
  3. Schedule a repair on our website to get in ASAP

How do I know if my Apple Service Provider or Apple Reseller is real?

Only Apple Authorized Service Providers rock the Authorized Service Provider mark, but to be double sure you can find a list of authorized Apple resellers and service locations, like Express Tech, on the Apple Authorized Service Provider store locator.

Likewise, Apple has a list of authorized resellers who meet their very high standards to be able to sell new products, including AppleCare+. These businesses can be easily identified by marks such as “Premier Partner” (like Express Tech), “Apple Specialist” or “Value-Added Reseller”. Businesses such as these also have access to training resources and pride themselves on providing complete technology solutions for their customers.

Examples of Apple Repairs & Services Offered

When one of your devices isn’t performing as it should, it can severely harm your productivity or ability to communicate with the world. Is your Mac running slow? Does it boot to a folder with a question mark? Is your battery no longer holding a charge? These are a few examples of issues users may encounter.

At Express Tech, our experts use Apple provided diagnostics and perform repairs with genuine Apple parts. This means that all of our repairs are Apple certified and backed by Apple. We can help you with various issues such as:

  • Failing hard drive
  • Solid state drive upgrade
  • RAM upgrade (on select models)
  • Data recovery
  • Mac slowing down
  • Cracked screens (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac)
  • Charging issues
  • Battery replacement
  • Liquid damage
  • Muffled audio
  • Broken speakers
  • Software issues

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iPhone Repair

As an Apple Premier Partner, we carry genuine Apple parts and can often accommodate same-day service for broken screens, cameras, receivers, speakers, vibe motors, batteries and more.

For other repairs, we may need to mail in your device to Apple or process a whole unit replacement. If mail-in service is required and your iPhone issue is covered by a warranty, loaner phones may be available.

All Apple replacement parts and replacement devices come with a 90-day warranty or the remainder of your existing warranty.

In many cases, we are able to resolve iPhone issues with software updates, so be sure to backup your device before visiting!

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Mac Repair

When you arrive at one of our stores, a trained technician will run diagnostics on your iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Once we’ve determined what’s wrong with your device, we’ll provide you with pricing for any necessary parts to complete the repair. In most cases, parts must be ordered to complete the repair. Parts come with a 90-day warranty or are backed by the remainder of your existing warranty (whichever is longer).

If your Mac is covered by AppleCare+, we will handle all the processing with Apple to provide you with a repair in line with your protection plan agreement.

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Other Apple Repairs

We also service iPad, Apple Watch, iPod, Apple TV, AirPods, and HomePod.

In many cases, we are able to resolve issues with software updates, so please back up your device prior to visiting. When you’re facing more complex software issues or hardware damage, you can expect us to replace your device with a device of the same model. The replacement device will come with a 90-day warranty or what’s left of your existing warranty (whichever is longer). Whole unit replacement devices must be ordered and, oftentimes, Apple requires that the original device be mailed to them first to verify the performance issue.

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AppleCare+ Protection Plan Coverage

No need to wait in long lines to have your Apple product serviced! As an AASP, we can service your device under your AppleCare+ Protection Plan.

What’s covered by AppleCare+:

  • Hardware coverage including accidental damage (subject to a service fee)
  • Labor associated with covered diagnostic and hardware repairs
  • Software support via chat or phone (1-800-APL-CARE)

Unsure about your AppleCare+ coverage status? Visit checkcoverage.apple.com and enter your device’s serial number!


Don’t have AppleCare+ coverage, or did your AppleCare+ warranty expire recently? We’re happy to help you with your out-of-warranty repair! Any hardware replacements for an out-of-warranty device will come with 90 days of coverage post-repair to ensure the device is functioning properly. Please note that if your Mac is out-of-warranty there are charges associated with diagnostics, software support and hardware repair.

Data Transfers

One benefit of being both an Apple Premier Partner and Apple Authorized Service Provider is that we can sell you brand new devices when you are ready to upgrade! Unsure of how to migrate your digital life over to a new Mac or iPad? We can help! At Express Tech, we offer data transfer services so you’re able to move into your new device without skipping a beat, and feeling right at home.

Data Recovery

One area of support that sets Apple Authorized Service Providers apart is their ability to offer services not available at the Apple Store, namely, data recovery. All storage devices, be it a hard disk drive or solid state storage, have a finite functioning life. A failing drive can be absolutely catastrophic, especially when a backup has not been performed recently. At Express Tech, we offer various data recovery services. Pricing varies depending on the level of failure within the drive. Call or stop by today for a quick pricing consultation.

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As an Apple user, you have many options of where to buy and service your products. Apple Authorized businesses proudly display the Apple stamp of approval that they have worked hard to earn and maintain. These businesses, like Express Tech, provide solutions for all your Apple needs and pride themselves on the personalized one-on-one experience they offer. Next time you are looking for somewhere to buy or repair your device, do yourself a favor and find a Premier Partner or Authorized Service Provider – we promise you will be thrilled you did!


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